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Where to buy TA-65 in Canada

Wondering where to buy TA-65 in Canada, at the best price? Dr. Greg Lane is licensed to sell TA-65 in the US, and it is also available through Health Advantage in Pembroke, ON, Canada. If you already know you want to purchase TA-65, you can see the order page here: Buy TA-65. You can also purchase TA-65 in Canada in person at our store: Health Advantage 1107 Pembroke St E Pembroke, ON K8A 7R4 (613) 732-9298 Map Of Where To Buy TA-65 in Canada at Health Advantage View Larger Map

Luoboma | How To Lower Blood Pressure Naturally

Discover how to lower blood pressure naturally with Luoboma! Luoboma Health Claims Reduce high blood pressure Reduce stress Pronounced sedative effect Reduce headaches Eases Dizziness and Vertigo Reduce blood fat Strengthen systole of cardiac muscle Postpone aging Diuretic function Resist bacteria and ease inflammation Reduce phlegm and relieve asthma Approvoed By Health Canada! NPN – 80003214 Dosage Take 1 capsule 3 times per day to be taken orally with plenty of water. Additional Information: No known side-effects. Not to be taken if pregnant or breast-feeding. Consult your physician or health care practitioner prior to taking this product. Blood Pressure Featured Ingredients Luobuma Luobuma   Luoboma is also available in Tea form: If you are looking for the best products to lower blood pressure naturally, we’ve got [...]

Top 10 Anti-Aging Herbs And Spices

As seen on Dr. OZ, here are Dr. Mercola's TOP 10 List of Anti-Aging Herbs and Spices! Dr. Joseph Mercola’s unorthodox methods have made him one of the most controversial figures in the world of alternative medicine. Here, Dr. Mercola counts down the 10 most powerful spices you may already have in your kitchen that can fight aging and prevent disease.

8 Weeks to VIBRANT HEALTH | Free Women’s Health Lecture

Please join Dr. Hyla Cass on her 8 Weeks to Vibrant Health Lecture tour! A woman’s take-charge plan to reclaim health, vitality, and well-being! Learn how to uncover your own, individual imbalances, then correct them naturally, safely, and quickly...

Testosterone Levels In Aging Men | Could Maca and PGX Help You?

by Rema
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Want to learn how to raise testosterone levels naturally? Check out what Dr. John Gray has to say about Maca and PGX. It might change your love life today! Extremely important revelation inside this video by Dr. OZ interviewing John Grey (author of “Men Are From Mars, Technorati Tags: Hormones, maca, PGX, raise testosterone levels

Natural Factors Super Strength – Blueberry Concentrate

Natural Factors Super Strength – Blueberry Concentrate is a great source of anti-oxidants.

Dr. OZ Just 10 LBS

Great Episode Dr. OZ showing all the incredible health benefits of taking off just 10LBS!


PGX® has been clinically shown to have beneficial effects in the following areas: Weight Management Cholesterol Lowering Blood Sugar Levels and Glycemic Index Satiety Hormones PGX® (PolyGlycopleX®), is a novel complex of water-soluble polysaccharides (plant fibres). It was developed after many years of research, most of it focused on the link between blood sugar imbalance, appetite, and weight gain. PGX safely and effectively restores proper blood sugar levels, reduces appetite, and inhibits weight gain. To understand how one product can do so much you need to understand the link between blood sugar, appetite and weight gain. Many overweight people [...]

PGX Science and Research

PGX®/PolyGlycopleX® is a novel natural polysaccharide (fibre) complex invented by InovoBiologic Inc of Calgary, Alberta. It comprises three materials that are combined in a proprietary way. Researchers in the early nineteen nineties in the UK determined that two of these polysaccharides had a synergistic effect1. (read more...)

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