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Personal Growth and Development / 7 posts found

Yoga and Qi Gong

There are 2 dates (Nov 13 and 20) set for a Yoga/Qi 1 day workshop.Location: Health Advantage. You can email jsglobetrotter@hotmail.com if you are interested

Franco DiNicola Seminar

Health Advantage Presents… TRUE FREEDOM, CLARITY & INNER PEACE A Free Preview Evening with Franco DeNicola When: Wednesday, December 1st, 2010 ( 7 – 9PM ) Where: Health Advantage 1107 Pembroke St East, Pembrooke, ON What you will receive by attending this preview event: A preview to what true freedom really is. A clarity on how to free yourself from collective concepts. A profound understanding of your human experience. And much more… Who is Franco DeNicola? A unified soul that has completed the evolutionary process. A soul with a great love for humanity and their experience on this planet. Full […]

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Did anyone else catch this today at about 6pm?

Yoga Qigong Weekend Wellness Retreat

Open Your Heart – Open Your Mind September 18-19th Yoga Qigong Vibrant Wellness Retreat Join Us For A Time Of Healing, Relaxation & Transformation Into Vibrant Wellness With Vanessa Petronelli, B.A, W.W.H.P., Yoga Instructor & James Griffin, CHt. & Qigong Instructor Official Yoga & Qigong Instructors For The Toronto Police Service. Click The Download Links Below For Complete Details: Yoga Qigong Wellness Retreat Flyer Yoga Qigong Wellness Retreat Course Outline Weekend Enrollment Fee = $149.00 Enroll Now – Extremely Limited Space Open For Beginners to Advanced Register at Health Advantage – 1107 Pembroke St E Directly Across the Street From […]

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis bascilly deals with getting ones mind in a state that is conducive to learning which we know works best with certain brain wave patterns that can be created with words, music and imagery. Once in this “learning state”, it is easier to create positive behavior and thought patterns in order to accomplish the goals that one wants in life. This may be to “start” doing something that is neglected or “stop” doing something that is harmful or at the very least not helpful. Hypnosis is most frequently used for weight management, to quit smoking, and stress management;however, the types […]

What is NLP?

Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) is a body of knowledge that deals with how we process and encode information in our minds, and uses “Modeling of Excellence” in order to harness the power of proven results. Want To Get Better Results? Using “proven marketing campaigns” is a classic example of the power of modeling excellence. Rather than use high priced marketing schemes that have never been tested nor proven to produced any results, wouldn’t it make sense to use a “marketing campaign” that has proven to work and create profits over and over again in virtually any industry instead? Of course it […]

NLP Techniques Introduction – by Dr. Greg Lane

Dr. Greg has created a series of 5 Free Videos covering some of the primary NLP Techniques which he is offering to all Health Advantage Customers for Free! Note: This video series happens to be designed for those who are in business and want to increase their sales, but it contains lots of good info that everyone can use. You can get the videos for FREE by clicking the picture below and letting him know you’d like the Link:

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