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Yoga and Qi Gong

There are 2 dates (Nov 13 and 20) set for a Yoga/Qi 1 day workshop.Location: Health Advantage. You can email jsglobetrotter@hotmail.com if you are interested

Meat Glue – Warning This May Gross You Out!

Public Service Announcement - WARNING THIS MAY GROSS YOU OUT! Click This Link To See The Meat Glue Video?

8 Weeks to VIBRANT HEALTH | Free Women’s Health Lecture

Please join Dr. Hyla Cass on her 8 Weeks to Vibrant Health Lecture tour! A woman’s take-charge plan to reclaim health, vitality, and well-being! Learn how to uncover your own, individual imbalances, then correct them naturally, safely, and quickly...

Franco DiNicola Seminar

Health Advantage Presents… TRUE FREEDOM, CLARITY & INNER PEACE A Free Preview Evening with Franco DeNicola When: Wednesday, December 1st, 2010 ( 7 – 9PM ) Where: Health Advantage 1107 Pembroke St East, Pembrooke, ON What you will receive by attending this preview event: A preview to what true freedom really is. A clarity on how to free yourself from collective concepts. A profound understanding of your human experience. And much more… Who is Franco DeNicola? A unified soul that has completed the evolutionary process. A soul with a great love for humanity and their experience on this planet. Full […]

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