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Discount Vitamins – Discount Sports Supplements and More

Hi There Everyone,

Well, I’ve recently been asked how we can offer discounts on sports supplements, discount vitamins, and on so many other items, and the answer really is quite simple. We don’t play marketing games and…
We look at all of the very best formulas we can buy and determine exactly how much we need to buy in order to get the biggest discount – with the intention of passing as big of a discount as possible to you our valued customers.
And we don’t just stop at 10% OFF. When we get bigger discounts you get bigger discounts!
And there’s none of this 10% OFF to seniors on one day, 10% off to military the next, 10% off on women’s products the next, and so on which are typical marketing gimmicks.
That way you don’t have to try and remember and rearrange your schedule to have to come in on a certain day in order to receive your discount.
It is due to this careful product selection, and our 15 year policy of passing on as big of a discount as possible to everyone, that we continue to sell over 2,000 products at 10-35% OFF every day of the year to everyone.
We hope this answers the question that came in, and helps you understand both how and why we offer the lowest prices in the Ottawa Valley and often beat even the biggest names in the big cities.
Our pricing policy is just one more way that we offer you THE HEALTH ADVANTAGE!
So stop on in and get your discount sports supplements, discount vitamins and a whole lot more.
To Your Health,
Dr. Greg

P. S. – Remember…”You Matter And Your Well-Being Is Important To Us”

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