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Essential Fatty Acids – Top Products


Here’s a list of Dr. Greg Lane’s TOP 3 “Essential Fatty Acids – Top Products” that Are Rich In Omega 3 and/or Omega 6 Essential Fatty Acids:

Health First Omega-First – (found in the supplements section) is one of the healthiest and purest fish oils on the planet. How do you know if this is true or just a bunch of hype? Good question! Answer: Health First EFA  has obtained the widely coveted but rarely obtained “5 STAR FISH OIL” rating! This means that every batch is tested and is proven to be clean, healthy fish oil with no risk of heavy metals or other impurities, and the highest concentration of EPA & DHA (the active ingredient that makes fish oil healthy). Health First Omega-First is Dr. Greg’s #1 Rated Fish Oil for purity, quality, strength and value!

UDO’s Oil– one of the most common products used by Licensed Health Care Professionals with a strong reputation for outstanding quality products. In order to maintain maximum freshness, this product should always be stored in the refrigerator (just like you see in the store).

Heartland Gold Coconut Oil: Found in the food section. Extremely healthy alternative for cooking! When heated, this oil does not break down or convert into harmful trans fat  like with vegetable oils. This product is available as “Extra Virgin” or “Organic”.  Try them both to see which one you prefer.

Stay Tuned To Learn More About:

  • Exact Foods That Cause Accelerated Fat Burning In Your Body
  • Knowing EXACT Foods That Are Preventing Your Body From Burning Fat
  • How To Combine The Right Foods Together To Aid In Fat Burning
  • Other Supplements That Are Used For To Lower Body Fat

Remind Me – Why Are EFAS So Important?

On average, this strategy of adding EFAs to ones daily diet often helps people lose 3-10 pounds the very first week — and slow, consistent, continued fat loss thereafter. And it doesn’t require you to count calories … taking adequate EFAs on a DAILY basis will help you increase the metabolic-enhancing effects of food on your unique body chemistry, enabling you to slim down naturally. Its important to note that EFA’s play a critical role in Sports Nutrition due to the positive health benefits associated with clear thinking, focus and concentration, healthy cardiovascular health, and maintaining an ideal body weight. Whether you’re a weekend warrior, gym rat, runner or professional athlete, you’ll definitely benefit from taking EFA supplments on a daily basis.

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All Products Listed Above Are Carried by Health Advantage, a Health Food Store in Pembroke, ON

Health Advantage is located at: 1107 Pembroke St E – Pembroke, ON

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Store Hours: 9am-6pm (Mon-Sat)

Written by Dr. Greg Lane, DC, CPT, CXSO, CTNLP, CTHt, CTCMT

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