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Lose Fat Foods


Ever Hear You Can Lose Fat By Eating Fat?

Some people thought I was joking when I told them there is such a thing as “Lose Fat Foods” which is not surprising because fat is one of the most misunderstood macro-nutrients in the world.

FACT It’s Impossible To Lose Fat In Your Body Unless You Eat Fat.

Most people believe that ALL fats make you fat, and therefore eating fat should be avoided at all costs, BUT this is actually wrong…and can make you even fatter! Modern media, movies and television commercials often espouse this misnomer and there are even Nutritionists and Fitness Experts who do a poor job educating people properly, but the facts tell a different story. Contrary to popular belief, when you consume fats, you don’t necessarily get fat.  In fact, not eating fats will make you fat.  Why?  Because when you limit your fat intake, you’re essentially training your body that there is not enough coming and therefore you need to START STORING FAT!

The average person in North America consumes an excessive amount of fat, but the pounds aren’t adding up because of their fat consumption – it’s because they eat the wrong kinds of fats.

Good Fats vs. Bad Fats

As you might know there are fats that are “healthy fats” and “unhealthy fats”. In general the unsaturated fats are the healthy fats and the saturated fats are unhealthy (though there are some healthy plant based saturated fats). The “healthy fats” actually help you burn unwanted fat, and the “unhealthy fats” are the ones that lead to cardiovascular disease and being overweight.

Yes, it’s true that unsaturated fats stimulate a fat-burning response and help to prevent fat storage, while saturated animal fats should always be minimized as they lead to an accumulation of body fat.

According to Chiropractor and Certified Personal Trainer, Dr. Greg Lane, “Unsaturated fats, commonly known as “essential fatty acids”, are not just ESSENTIAL, but they can also help you burn a fair amount of fat from your body too. They are an essential ingredient for any long term weight management program”.

Essential Fats Do Not Make You Fat

Saturated Fats do…

The bad unhealthy fats that make you fat include hydrogenated (trans fat) vegetable oils, canola oil, margarine and substitute butters (even those that are advertised as being “healthy” alternatives to butter).

Unsaturated Fats – Essential Fatty Acids

Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) on the other hand are good fats that every cell, tissue, gland and organ in the body needs to have in order to function properly.  They’re called “essential” because the body doesn’t manufacture them which means that you must eat them – and without them, your body simply will not function properly.

A deficiency of EFAs actually harms the body at the cellular level, which is one of the reasons why dieters experience health problems. Conversely adequate daily intake of EFAs helps your body in many ways, one of which is to hlep you burn fat and maintain a healthy body weight.

Health Advantage is a full service Health Food Store in Pembroke, ON that carries Lose Fat Foods.

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