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Protein Sports Supplements | Gaspari, AllMax, Optimum Nutrition, Muscle-Tech, Mutant Mass

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If you are looking for the best prices on sports supplements, especially on your favorite Isolates, cold processed cross flow micro filtration, and micronized proteins, you  will find what you are looking for in stock at Health Advantage Health Food Store. We stock a wide variety of proteins from the fastest acting to the slowest digesting ones, from super high amino ratios to more blanced profile meal replacements, from traditional whey proteins, to brown rice protein, hemp protein, vegan protein and more!


We stock all the top brands of proteins in our Sports Supplements section, including but not limited to:

– Gaspari Nutrition Myofusion
– Gaspari Nutrition Real Mass
– Allmax Isoflex (in sucralose and stevia)
– Allmax Isonatural
– AllMax QuickMass
– Muscle-Tech Nitro-Tech
– Muscle-Tech Cell-Tech
– Precision IsoPro Low Carb (in sucralose, stevia or sweetener free)-(a whopping 35 grams/scoop)
– Optimum Nutrition Pro Complex
– Optimum Nutrition Platinum Hydrowhey
– Optimum Nutrition Egg Protein
– Optimum Nutrition Casein Protein
– Optimum Nutrition Oats & Whey
– PVL Mutant Mass (5lb & 15 lb bags)
– Heartland Gold Brown Rice Protein
– Sequel Complete Whole Food Optimizer (Vegan!)
– Hempola Hemp Protein
– Sun Warrior Raw Vegan Protein (Vegan!)
– Brad King High Alpha Whey Protein
– Preferred Nutrition PGX Superfoods (John Grey’s recommendation)
– QSE Real Mass
And More

Health Advantage Health Food Store has been proudly serving  Pembroke, Petawawa, Eganville, Cobden, and the rest of the Ottawa Valley for over 15 years.

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Health Advantage
1107 Pembroke St E
Pembroke, ON K8A 7R4


(613) 732-9298

Hours: Monday-Saturday    9AM-6PM

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  • March 27, 2012

    LOL u got it backwards, pre you oulhsd be takeing amino acids to dialate yur blood vessels and get more flow and oxygen into yur muscles, during workout you oulhsd take BCAA’s and post is exactly the way hes explaining, get yur whey protien within 15 minutes of your last rep, with creatine and complex carbs (bananas/ IDS waximaize) and eat a typical bodybuilding meal at the LEAST 1 hour after workout ( chicken / beef, basatami brown rice and brocolii) that is how you nutrition.nn1

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